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Начало работы


Below is the list of projects we worked on as an independent team since 2013. You can estimate our coworkers’ personal professional backgrounds before that date on ‘About us’ page. But first, please check some reviews left by our dearest clients:

For several years Constantine and his team created for 2Х2 TV channel the Russian versions of popular cartoon shows, including such hits as American Dad, The Cleaveland show, The Simpsons, The Speedgrapher. These localizations included translations from English and Japanese languages, adaptation of songs and poetic fragments and were always performed in time and with highest competence. I sincerely wish to this team of professionals to gain even more success in the future.

  • Elena Sukhanova, Mother of Schedule — 2×2 TV channel

We cooperate with studio Sigil for many years already and are very satisfied by quality and outstanding creative solutions our colleagues offer in their work. While working with this studio we value their involved approach and focus on details. Same qualities are thankfully valued by our audience.

  • Asiet Shazzo, Localization Executive, Nickelodeon Russia

Rise of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

World famous turtles defend NY and are dubbed with famous Russians — Anton Komolov, ST, Eugeny Chebatkov, Gary, Mary Senn and mighty Peter Glanz.

…localized for Nickelodeon Russia

Blaze and the Monster Machines

Top of the heap STEM show with songs explaining every scientific concept a preschool mind could grasp.

6 seasons and counting.

…localized for Nickelodeon Russia

The Loud House

One boy and ten girls is an explosive mixture to any neighborhood — and Loud family proves it with stories and songs for 5 seasons straight.

…localized for Nickelodeon Russia


Undying classic of MTV. Irony, post-irony, quasi irony, qweizi amounts of irony.

…localized for Comedy Central Russia

Raising Hope

This hilarious show we are proud of. Jimmy a young father, son of young parents, trying to cope with life in poverty.

…localized for Comedy Central Russia

Harvey Beaks, seasons 1-2

Sweetest story of a young bird boy who tries to make friends with Fee and Foo — 2 brat neighbor twins of unknown origin.

…localized for Nickelodeon Russia

The Casagrandes

A great spin-off of the Loud universe tells us about Hispanic traditions and life of one family in US. Great deal of jokes, songs, and fun. 2 seasons so far.

…localized for Nickelodeon Russia

Ready, Set, Dance! seasons 1&2

A noble cause of teaching small children how to dance is supported by two feline 3D characters, kid crew and one great song in each episode.

…localized for Nickelodeon Russia

…And, in addition to that, since 2013 we localized the following projeсts:

Pinky MalinkyTalking hot dog can look weird but he could be the most popular kid in the school, really!Nickelodeon
Pig Goat Banana Cricket s1&2OMG. Co-living dimwit Pig, romantic Goat, selfish Banana, and scientific Cricket… well… doing stuff.Nickelodeon
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles s5Classic franchise in 3d takes its heroes in their fight vs. Evil to the strangest worlds.Nickelodeon
Ollie’s PackWhat if you could drag a monster who solves your problems right out of your backpack. Would it spoil you? Certainly! But Ollie is lucky to have friends.Nickelodeon
TitusCar fan and mechanic trying to survive in the world full of his pesky and rude relatives.Comedy Central
Bureau of magical things s1&2World is more interesting with some magic around. Especially if you are undergraduate.Nickelodeon
Comedy Central PresentsOne of 1st stand-up experience on Russian TV launched by Comedy Central. When it was not trendy yet.Comedy Central
The MiddleLiving in the middle of nowhere could still be a sitcom.Comedy Central
Elevator MakeoverGirls transform in one elevator ride. Small show made for Youtube version of Glamour magazine.Conde nast
The Fairly Odd Parents s10Legendary cartoon with strange humor and edgy characters.Nickelodeon
School of Rock s1-3Fabled comedy with Jack Black on Nickelodeon turned into a comedy show with food fights and lots of Rock’n’Roll.Nickelodeon
RideElite school of horsemanship accepts new sturents this year. Classic English love stories in a teenage TV show. Nickelodeon
N00bes s1&2What if video game characters could have access to the real world, and a real person would be trapped in video game for more than 10 years?Nickelodeon
Wanda and the AlienYoung rabbit girl would have plenty of adventures since she has numerous siblings to play with… But she meets an alien from another planet — and will have even more!Nickelodeon
Alternative Comedy ExperienceExceptionally and exquisitely alternative.Comedy Central
Get BlakeGroup of rogue alien squirrels trying to get a boy only because he shall have brilliant superhero future.Nickelodeon
BreadwinnersOne craziest universe where two duck bros earn their daily bread in a mine full of monsters. Nickelodeon
Talia in the KitchenAfter Talia moves to a new town, she has to engage in a cooking struggle against professional and most arrogant chef. Luckily, she has some magic spices to help her.Nickelodeon
WallyKazzam s1-2A young troll (living under a bridge, naturally) finding his way to adventure with help of his magic wand, fantasy neighbors, pet dragon and English alphabet.Nickelodeon
Bunsen is the BeastWe all shall be more tolerant to monsters who live around us. Not because we are afraid of them. Not because they are cute. Because they deserve it as much as we do.Nickelodeon
Cousins for lifeIce and Fire! Chaos and Order! One family is living strict to the rules while the other must move to their house and for the first time learn what it is like.Nickelodeon
Corn & PegPegasus and Unicorn will teach kids to DO GOOD.Nickelodeon
BeatBudsThese fellows know how to make a hit song and hit the road.Nickelodeon
Max and Shred s1&2Two teenagers, a sporty fellow and a nerdy dude trying to build some communication.Nickelodeon
South Park s13Oh yes. And this one we did, too.Comedy Central
GamesNumerous games on Nickelodeon franchises — Blaze, Breadwinners etc. But we have much more experience with games than that — please look at personal profiles on the page About us.Nickelodeon