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Sigil localization

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We are an experienced team of professionals who localize Video content and Games to hit Russian audience for over 7 years. Our portfolio includes numerous projects renowned worldwide. Among our clients are TV channels: Nickelodeon Russia, Paramount Comedy (Viacom/CBS), Glamour Youtube channel (Conde Nast publishing). Personal portfolio of each of our key coworkers counts hundreds of successful projects - cartoons, TV shows, games, songs. We are eager to expand our horizons and work with you.    

Projects we are especially proud of in 2021

Blaze and the Monster Machines

For 6 seasons, Blaze the Monster Machine, his driver AJ, and his friends teach kids the basic STEM conceptions while being funny and cool. In 2016 yandex.ru, the largest search engine for Russian speakers, placed the Blaze universe as 11th by frequency in search requests. With numerous songs explaining conceptions of physics (done in cooperation with Diyez studio), mechanics or biology, this one is our most difficult and most enjoyable work on songs yet.

The Loud House

5 seasons of sheer turmoil in the house of Loud family — 11 siblings living loud and wrecking life in the neighborhood. In 2021 we are super proud of making (in cooperation with Diyez studio) the song of Lisa Loud in which the smartest daughter in the whole family warns the preschool aoudience about danger of bacteria and viruses and basic rules of hygiene.

Game&Media Localization studio stationed in Moscow, Russia

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